Realtors: Let me help grow your business

By on June 14, 2014

The Highest Level of Service.

If you’re a Realtor and your tired of missed deadlines, last minute surprises or deals not funding on time, the Horton Mortgage Team is here to help. Imagine the business you could close with a team that is dedicated to serving you and your clients.

It’s All About Communication!

Agents: You will receive a Loan Status Call Every Tuesday.

My team and I will keep you posted,  eliminating your stress, allowing you to focus on other income producing business!

Buyers: Your buyers also receive a loan status call Every Tuesday.

During these calls we are confirming our exceptional service and asking for REFERRALS.  My team and I are constantly looking for new buyers to approve and send your way!

Milestones:  My team will update all parties involved in the purchase transaction when important milestones are met –

  • When the appraisal comes in
  • When the buyer is clear-to-close
  • When the funds have been wired.

“If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want.”

Another Unique Opportunity to Build Business.

Have you ever had a client that was in the middle of a divorce and asking if you could sell the marital home? I’m sure you have.

Did you ever wonder why they didn’t want to keep the home? Chances are, one of them did, but couldn’t qualify with their existing lender, without their spouse’s income. How then would they get approved to buy another house, once the marital home has sold?

But, what would it mean to your business, if one or both parties were pre-approved to buy other homes from you after that sale?

This is why I’m important to your business.

Problems getting qualified.

Divorcing parents often have a difficult time getting qualified when they don’t have the support from their spouse.


“In this current environment, Lenders require provable monthly income.”

Most Divorcing Couple are simply denied for not having met either the employment or income standards required by Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae.

This is an obvious problem for agents working with divorcing clients and often results in a one-off transaction.

The HMT Solution:

We qualify buyers, using newly created income from joint assets, which were divided up in the Settlement Agreement, to form a new on-going income stream.  Think this only works in divorce situation? Think again. If any of your clients have assets and good credit, but lack the necessary provable income to qualify for a loan, watch the video above and learn how to expand your business.

An Offer your Can’t Refuse!

Here’s an offer that puts worries to rest.

  • Fully underwritten
  • Exclusive CLIC Approval
  • Ready to close…appraisal, title, done!
  • $2,500 guarantee to the seller


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