Maintain Stability During And After Divorce

By on June 14, 2014

From the Spouses’ Point of view, dividing property can be one of the most important, and often most disputed, issues in a divorce. For many couples, the marital home is one of the most valuable assets they own. The emotion and sentimentality attached to your home can make it all the harder to agree on what should be done with it in a divorce. As a Divorce Attorney, doing your job might lead to a client owning the Marital Property when he/she can’t afford anymore.

Keeping the Family at Home

Part of my focus as a Mortgage Planner is to work with Family Law Attorneys, Mediators, Divorce Counselors, and their clients to help solve these very difficult financial issues. In 2010, my only option in many of these cases was to recommend a good Realtor and hope that the marital home was sold quickly. Unfortunately, even when they walked away with some equity, most clients could rarely qualify for another loan.

Since 2010, getting a loan hasn’t gotten any easier.

  • Quick and Easy Loan Approval is all but gone.
  • Loan Guidelines are stricter than ever.
  • There are even separate guidelines JUST for divorcing couples.
  • Absolutely EVERYTHING on a loan application must be proven.

The Child Stability Loan

In some cases, a couple may not want to relocate their children due to school, family, or even disability. This is why I helped develop the Child Stability Loan. This allows individuals with little to no traditional income of their own to qualify for a mortgage. This also goes a long way to helping divorced couples sell their marital home.

Divorce Attorneys and Counselors:

If you are still sending your clients to their existing mortgage lender and they don’t have a MINIMUM of 2 years of Full-Time employment… STOP! With this program, we can work together! I want to help keep more of your clients in their homes and children in a stable home environment.

Denver Divorce Advisory Group

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